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About Henry Panah:

My business has always been making sure my people are cared for; making sure they are uplifted and their uniqueness represented. Before accomplishing this in real estate, I worked in fashion. I created a clothing line, Hidden Truth Apparel, which sold in our retail boutiques and in over 200 stores nationwide. I poured my life and ambition into making (HT) a great apparel line and the brand has been successful for the past 20 years. Yet, I sought more freedom in my life. I wanted to create sustainable investments that would insure my security for years to come. Even more, I wanted to start a family and know they’d be protected.

I was introduced to the great investment opportunities in real estate. The more and more I educated myself, the more my love for finding great properties grew. My passion for creativity and caring for people perfectly meshed with becoming a Realtor. I’ve always pursued a well balanced life; trying to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul. Real estate struck the perfect balance in my life between work and family, fulfilling my career while affording me the time to be with my wonderful wife and our new baby boy.

I found the security I seek, and I wish to offer the same to you.

My promise to you:

I am deeply passionate about creating an environment where everyone feels uplifted. I have built my reputation upon honor, integrity, and contributing decisive advice at the most crucial moments. I value your trust and am compelled to deliver results above and beyond your expectations. I maintain my high level of standards and code of conduct, while keeping you informed every step of the way. With me you feel honored, confident, and supported.

That’s my promise... from my family to yours.

My son and my wife:

My life is balanced between my career and family. I can’t think of anything I would enjoy coming home to more than my beautiful wife and baby boy, Ryan, now 14 months old. His spirit brightens my day when I come home to his angelic smile. He is my grandest gift and greatest accomplishment. My family is my joy, my heart, my reward.

Like all of my clients, I make certain my family is cared for and honored. That’s what I offer to anyone I work with. With me, you and your loved ones are important and valued.