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I know L.A. and am dedicated to bringing you the best opportunities this city has to offer. I consider the intricacies and nuances each neighborhood has to offer and use my expertise to determine the properties that best meet your desires. I know there’s a great listing waiting for your attention. So to get started, let me share with you some of Los Angeles’ finest communities:

Griffith Park.jpg

Los Feliz is an affluent hillside neighborhood in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Noted for its historic homes and celebrity inhabitants,the neighborhood is named after its colonial Spanish-Mexican land grantee, José Vicente Feliz, and, along with present-day Griffith Park, makes up the original Rancho Los Feliz land concession.


Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, famous for its commercial area and entertainment industry. It is also a highly diverse, densely populated residential neighborhood famed for its connection to the film industry for the past 100 years.

Hollywood Bowl.jpg

Hollywood Hills are a high-income, well-educated, and youthful urban residential district within Central Los Angeles. Its low-density real estate is nestled next to many historic locations the Hollywood Bowl and Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Silverlake is a trendy, highly diverse residential and commercial neighborhood in Central Los Angeles. It’s renowned for its restaurants and clubs, and is built around a city reservoir which gives the district its name.

Valley Village.jpg

Valley Village is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. It lies just north of Studio City, and east of Sherman Oaks. Originally part of North Hollywood, the community of was formed in 1939. It boasts many great public schools and parks.


Atwater Village is a highly diverse neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles. Bordering Griffith Park, it’s home to a diverse population, well regarded public schools, and a wide variety of real estate opportunities.

Studio City.jpg

Studio City is a historic neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles, residing in the San Fernando Valley. It has a well-educated, high-income population with a relatively high percentage of military veterans. Its low-density residential neighborhoods are populated by many celebrity inhabitants.


Burbank is a city at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. It’s billed as the "Media Capital of the World" and located only a few miles northeast of Hollywood. Burbank is located in two distinct areas, with its downtown and civic center nestled on the slopes and foothills that rise to the Verdugo Mountains, and other areas located in flatlands at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley.


Glendale is a city at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles County. It’s the third largest city in Los Angeles county and is known for its safety Glendale maintains its own police department, employing more officers than any other city in Los Angeles. It also has a wide selection of malls, shops, and restaurants.